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Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning System

Upgrade Your Home With New AC System

If your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system is over ten years old you could lower your cooling costs by up to 75% by replacing it with a new high efficiency unit.

At Brown & Reaves Services, Inc., our comfort consultants are experts in analyzing HVAC systems and providing economical solutions to home owners. If putting more money back in your wallet is not enough, here are some other reasons you should consider a Myrtle Beach air conditioning system replacement instead of a repair:

Reasons to Replace Your Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning System


Today’s equipment is more efficient and environmentally friendly


Upgrading your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system can conserve energy for a better tomorrow


Factory rebates can put cash back in your pocket


Technological advances have made Myrtle Beach air conditioning systems more reliable than ever

Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning System Installation


New systems can do a better job of controlling humidity


Variable speed motors can help achieve more even temperatures throughout your home


Tax credits for upgrading may be available to you and put money back in your pocket

Not only will your replacement Myrtle Beach air conditioning system run more efficiently, it will constantly save you money because of its higher energy efficiency.

During the installation process of your new Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning System, we will carefully inspect your home and help you choose the perfect system for it. By measuring the total square footage you’re trying to cool and then inspecting your existing ductwork and air handlers, Brown & Reaves Services ensures that you get the right system for your home’s requirements.

We will also remove your old air conditioning system and properly dispose of it, eliminating any concerns you may have after the installation process. If you are interested in getting the most out of your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system, make sure you have it installed by one of our highly trained professionals. Our quality service will keep you cool through the hot Myrtle Beach summers.

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