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Myrtle Beach Dehumidifier Systems

Less Humidity More Comfort

Being in the hot humid South, Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systems are not only a smart investment in your comfort level, but will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system as well.

Excessive humidity in your home can create environments where mold, mildew and bacteria can thrive. Having a one of our Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systems installed in your home will help maintain optimal moisture levels.

When the air in your home has too much moisture, your home may feel warmer than it actually is. By removing excess moisture, you can set your thermostat at a higher temperature and still feel comfortable. For every two degrees you raise your indoor temperature setting during cooling season, you can save between 5% and 7% on your electric bill.

Whole House Myrtle Beach Dehumidifier Systems

Among the various Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systems offered by Brown & Reaves Services, whole house dehumidifiers are the most effective at removing moisture from your entire home, not just one or two rooms. And since a whole house system is integrated into your existing cooling system, there are no tanks to empty or cords to trip over.

Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systemsUnlike portable units, our whole-house Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systems provide unobtrusive, quiet and efficient operation.

Today’s better built, better insulated homes keep comfortable air inside. Unfortunately, they can also trap moisture inside where it can not only make you more uncomfortable on hot humid days, it can contribute to the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites and other airborne pollutants.

If you’re looking for the best and most efficient Myrtle Beach dehumidifier systems, look no further than Brown & Reaves Services.

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