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Myrtle Beach Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

Keeps Pool Room Area Safe and Clean

Brown & Reaves Services is proud to offer a Myrtle Beach indoor pool dehumidifier system for commercial pools as well as those select homes that feature an indoor pool.

Indoor swimming pools and spa rooms are very unique in their maintenance demands. When pool water is heated to swimming temperatures, large amounts of moisture are released into the indoor pool enclosure. This moisture is heavily laden with chlorine or bromine disinfectants, and it attacks everything it comes in contact with. If left uncontrolled, mold and mildew will eventually permeate every inch of an indoor swimming pool facility, as well as any adjoining structures.

Myrtle Beach Indoor Pool Dehumidifier Questions to Ask


Does your indoor swimming pool feel uncomfortably warm and humid?


Have you noticed condensation on your windows and a strong smell of chlorine in the air?

If so, chances are good that you have improper de-humidification and ventilation in your pool room area.

Myrtle Beach Indoor Pool DehumidifierThe consequences of high humidity around indoor pools can be catastrophic. Besides being detrimental to health, there are many incidents on record of major damage, including roof collapse, as a result of the corrosive effects of water condensing within a building’s support structure.

By controlling indoor swimming pool room humidity and room air temperature a stabilized room environment is achieved by the dehumidifier. Very little outside air, and the energy to heat or cool it, is needed.

Our Myrtle Beach indoor pool dehumidifier systems are designed to be multi-functional systems that can provide indoor pool room heating and cooling, as well as pool water heating without additional hardware expenses.

If you have an indoor pool, call Brown & Reaves Services today to see how a Dectron indoor pool dehumidifier system can help you achieve comfort in your pool area, while assuring that you have mold and mildew issues under control. 843-497-9898, or fill out our short form and one of our expert Myrtle Beach indoor pool dehumidifier system techs will follow up with you.