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Myrtle Beach UV Air Purifier

Enjoy Odor and Germ Free Indoor Air

UV air purifiers have safely been used to purify the air in hospitals, clinics, medical and dental offices and food plants for more than 75 years. For homes and offices, UV air purifiers are relatively new and most often combine UV light with another technology such as a HEPA air filter. Brown & Reaves Services wants to help you gain a better understanding of UV air purifiers.

There are three main classifications of ultraviolet light:  UV-A light is commonly found in tanning booths, UV-B light is found in sun light and UV-C is found in air purifiers.

UV-C light is also referred to as germicidal since it has the ability to kill cells by damaging their DNA. In reviewing a variety of independent test results we have concluded that UV lights can be effective against both vegetative bacteria and viruses and UV-C lights are being used more often in HVAC handling units where moisture collects to prevent mold growth.

What Myrtle Beach UV Air Purifiers Can Do

Myrtle Beach UV Air Purifier by HoneywellOne solution for improving your indoor air quality is by having a UV Air Purifier installed by Brown & Reaves Services. These systems will remove the toxins and contaminants from the indoor air, making it clean and breathable.

In Myrtle Beach, UV air purifiers can prevent airborne conditions like allergy, flu, pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis by eliminating odors by effectively destroying the particles and organisms that can cause these conditions and odors in the first place.

A number of health studies have actually shown that germicidal ultraviolet light is incredibly efficient against mold, mildew, fungi and viruses, spores and bacteria.

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